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I guess, to me, that is really where pharmacy seems to be heading — to a more customer-facing focus.”

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Helium's inert properties at arc temperatures make it an ideal gas for welding materials with high heat conductivity such as aluminum, stainless steel, copper and magnesium alloys

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'So even though we spent a lot of money, a lot of it was invested.'

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This has bothered me for an exceptionally long time, I have to admit…I recall it from the schoolyard playground

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Tolerating the 120ccs was no problem for me

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The generic name of Zovirax is acyclovir

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leasing, property management, service provision and even furniture and housing appliance manufacturing

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card following a foul during the June 29 match and Bieniewicz was about to issue him a second one for

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The nasty side effects range from hair-loss and nausea to decreased production of red blood cells, nerve and organ damage, osteoporosis and bone fusion, and loss of memory and cognition